Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thursday Next

It took me practically the entire day to do it, but I finally finished Thursday Next: First Among Sequels.

Thursday is Jasper Fforde’s fifth novel in the Thursday Next series (and the sixth Fforde book I’ve read to date). I was blown away by The Eyre Affair, amazed at Fforde’s creativity and dexterity as a writer.

I still enjoy his writing, but some of the bloom has faded from the Thursday Next series. I don’t know if this is because I have become accustomed to Fforde’s style as a writer or if he has become more complacent with his success.

This is not to say that Thursday is not a delightful and well-written book. The novel is likely superior to 99% of other recently published fiction. However, reading the series is like watching a favorite TV show. In time, the episodes simply can’t compare to earlier seasons—yet they still outshine most other series on television (think Veronica Mars season two, House season three, and the current season of The Office).

Fforde is still incredibly creative, and I am flabbergasted by his imagination. For example, the scene where a piano unexpectedly drops into the Bates’ house in Emma, causing all the characters to speculate over its origins, is just plain brilliant.

Thursday Next is still a strong series, and I hope Fforde reflects back on his roots for the sixth installment.

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