Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blue is for Nightmares

Although I swore off young adult series, I still have a few trickling in that I put on hold at the library before the new year. Laurie Faria Stolarz’s Blue is for Nightmares is one such book.

The novel's heroine, Stacey, lives at a boarding school, has visions, practices Wicca, and wets her bed.

Clearly, she’s an unusual character.

Yet, I was surprised by how mildly her friends and schoolmates react to her oddities. Stacey has nightmares about her best friend and roommate, Drea, being murdered. But Drea (and others) unhesitatingly believes Stacey’s visions and readily accepts her spells and séances. Wouldn’t teenagers find Stacey just a little bit weird?

(And making Stacey a bed wetter is a bizarre twist.)

I was also put off by how insincere the relationships and friendships are between the characters. On the other hand, maybe such shallowness is accurate. I haven’t been a teenager for many, many, many years.

I have no desire to read the other books in the series. However, I was intrigued enough with the book’s mystery that I wanted to know what happened. Who was Drea’s stalker? And would Stacey ever learn to control her bladder?

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