Thursday, January 17, 2008

Book Buzz aka Resolution, Week #2

Apparently, the book to be reading is Geraldine Brooks's People of the Book. This week I read a positive review about the book in USA Today, a not-so-positive one in The New York Times, and heard a less-than-complimentary review on NPR. Amazon has it listed as one of its “Best Books of January,” and it appears on Amazon’s bestseller list at #23. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough after hearing about the book because I’m fifth in the library’s queue.

I was a bit surprised to see Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography is the top selling book on Amazon. I’m not surprised readers are interested in gossip and speculation. I am surprised that anyone still cares about Tom Cruise. He’s just so passé.

A potentially interesting read from The NY Times this week is Bernard Schlink’s novel Homecoming (translated from German by Michael Henry Heim). According to the review, the book wrestles with the question of history, specifically how modern-day Germany reconciles itself with its past. Readers of this blog will already know a similar question of heritage consumes me.

Finally, I must mention the slew of awards for young adult and children’s books:

Of course, the book I must read is The Wall. I’ve also added The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian to my list because the book is raking in awards.


Wanna-Be Lit said...

So which book would you recommend reading first?

Blogger said...

To be in the "know," I think you should read People of the Book--and then lend me your copy.