Monday, March 24, 2008

Guest Blog--Let's meet at the local diner

Just like CSI: Miami, Home to Harmony by Philip Gulley has a catchphrase at the end of every chapter.

Harmony is a collection of stories narrated by a pastor of the local Quaker congregation in fictional Harmony, Indiana. Sam Gardner returns to Harmony after attending Seminary school out of state. He faces the challenges of a new pastor in a small town that prefers the way things "used to be done." The congregation has the typical busybody member and gossiping women's group. But there's also a sweet couple who gives up all they have in order to save their niece from her deadbeat parents.

Although each chapter ends with a little saying or anecdote, which at times is pretty cheesy, I found myself feeling a little tearful after being reminded of how important my spouse is or the blessings of family - great, now I'm sounding like Pastor Gardner.

I've always loved TV shows about small towns - Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and General Hospital. I secretly love the dynamics of a small town and its quirky interactions. Harmony fits in that genre, and I enjoyed the quick read.

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