Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Death of a Gentle Lady

I was half-way through another book when I got the call: My copy of the latest Hamish Macbeth was available at the library. I immediately put down my book, rushed to the library, and devoured Death of a Gentle Lady in one evening.

Every year, I look forward to the latest Hamish installment, and Gentle Lady did not disappoint. The Hamish series is not brilliant, but I still enjoy every moment of it. Hamish is a smart but “unambitious” local bobby in the Scottish Highlands. He loves his animals and his local community, and I love Hamish.

Gentle Lady refers to Mrs. Gentle, an “incomer” to the Highlands. Although Gentle curries popularity with the locals, Hamish immediately dislikes the woman when he interrupts her disparaging her daughter. He senses, as only Hamish came, that nothing good is going to come from Gentle’s presence in the community.

At the same time, Hamish must also confront the ever-present threat of his beat’s closure. This time, he decides to save it by getting married. Hamish, Hamish, Hamish.

Gentle Lady is not revolutionary. Hamish never really changes nor do the cases he faces. Yet, he is always charming, funny, and brilliant. What more could I want from a hero?

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