Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guest Blog--Let me check my Blackberry

Yesterday my husband and I accidentally ran into each other for lunch. It was a very pleasant surprise and I looked forward to sitting down and getting a quick break from my day. As soon as I sat down my Blackberry rang. My boss's number flashed across the screen. "Hello? Hello sir?" I kept repeating, silently freaking out that I wasn't getting very good reception. Luckily my boss is a jovial older man who is genuinely kind and easy to laugh - far different from Melinda Priestly, the "devil" in The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.

I had previously seen the film with Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs and Meryl Streep as Melinda Priestly. I was shocked when the characters were described in the novel as looking the exact opposite of these two actresses. Andrea is a tall blond and Melinda is a tiny blond from England. Just the first 10 pages differed from the film and I was glad to be able to picture the characters in my own way and without prejudice from having seen the movie prior to reading the novel.

I actually really enjoyed Devil. From my own work experience I could relate to Andrea's feelings of panic whenever her phone rang or coming to dislike anyone who spoke with the same accent as your boss (mine was Australian). I loved hearing about the fashion and picturing in my mind what it would be like to work for a fashion magazine or a designer label. I found myself feeling blah about my own clothes and wishing for the day that I might have something semi-designer.

Whenever I read a novel, I find myself wrapped up in this new fantasy world and if the novel is well written, I am saddened when the story ends and my fantasy is over. I felt that way when I finished Devil.

Now don't get me wrong - Devil is not amazing, incredibly well written, or the best book I've ever read. But if you love clothes, love New York, and have had some interesting work experiences of your own, you'll like Weisberger's novel.

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