Monday, August 13, 2007

Book Gifting

My best employee left today. For some reason, she thinks it’s appropriate to graduate from college and move on to graduate school. Darn her.

Not only was she a good employee, but she was also a reader. In fact, I have her to blame for introducing me to the Shopaholic series. As such, I decided to give her a book as a good-bye gift.

Gifting a book is a rather daunting process. Reading is such a personal activity that giving a book is almost intrusive—like buying someone lingerie—and fraught with questions.

  • How do you choose a book?
  • What does the book say about your relationship?

Choosing a book for a friend is analogous to setting her up on a blind date. The book, or date, is a reflection of her personality. What if she meets her date and thinks: “This is what you think of me? You think I’m this nerdy . . . unattractive . . . obnoxious . . . etc . . . etc.”

  • Can you only give a book you’ve read personally?
  • Or can you pass on an unknown quantity?

One of my fears is that I’ll give (or recommend) a book the receiver finds offensive. Perhaps I have unknowingly developed a high tolerance for profanity, violence, or sensuality, and she’ll be shocked that I enjoy reading smut.

In the case of my employee, I was stumped. I know she reads the Shopaholic books, is a fan of Georgia Nicolson, and celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday.

In theory, I’m supposed to be an expert when it comes to recommending books, but in this case I turned to a buyer at the university bookstore.

Given my criteria (funny like Georgia, imaginative like Harry), she recommended Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris.

And now it’s killing me that I gave the book away instead of reading it myself.

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Wanna-Be Lit said...

Please read the book and then do a review. Thanks. :)