Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Buzz

  • The Times carried a nearly impossible book quiz this week. I’d only read one book on the list and didn’t even recognize the quote. You can find the answers here.
  • Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing will release a new book in August about her parents. Booklist describes Alfred & Emily as an “unusual marriage of fiction and memoir . . . a book at once spellbinding, rueful, and tragic.”
  • Speaking of biographies, Booklist also features “Top 10 Biographies for Youth: 2008.” Maybe I should shift to YA biographies. I started Young Stalin weeks ago and have gotten nowhere. If only it were about 200 pages shorter and written for a child, I might finish.

1 comment:

notaconnoisseur said...

There is one sure thing. There is no point in looking at the quiz since I don't even know what is on the best selling list. And no point in looking at the biographies for youth either since UCSD does not have any children's or youth books. However, I am happily engrossed with the latest Robert B. Parker about Jesse Stone.