Thursday, June 19, 2008

Book Buzz

Something très tragique happened this week: my copy of the Sunday New York Times never arrived. Granted, I can read the paper online, but it just isn’t the same. If the Buzz seems less perky today, blame it on the newspaper delivery folks.

  • The Times also reviews Jim Sheeler’s Final Salute. The book follows Major Steve Beck, the man charged with informing families when their Marine dies. I heard Sheeler interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air a few weeks ago. The review (though far from glowing) made me feel emotional, the NPR piece made me feel weepy, and I feel choked up now just thinking about it, but I also have a brother serving in Iraq at this very moment.
  • As a fine tribute to the late newscaster, two books by Tim Russert hold the top spots on Amazon’s bestsellers list (he also holds #8 and #15).
  • Mystery lovers likely know already that the latest Janet Evanovich, Fearless Fourteen, came out Tuesday. I tried one Stephanie Plum novel, but it was too hardcore for my delicate sensibilities. I much prefer Lynley and Havers (okay, I’ve only watched the Mystery! adaptations). The latest in the Elizabeth George series, Careless in Red, came out last month.

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notaconnoisseur said...

I was interested in hearing about Sheeler's "Final Salute." In the new series of Foyle's War there is a young boy who delivers telegrams during the closing days of WW II. He deals with this distressing job of bringing telegrams informing people of someone's death by running away from home. I would be interesting in learning more about "Final Salute." It seems to me that it would be a job that you could only stand to do for a short time.