Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Buzz

  • Fareed Zakaria, my all-time favorite The Daily Show guest (and editor of Newsweek International), reviewed the late Benazir Bhutto’s Reconciliation this week. Even if you don’t read Reconciliation, check out the review. Zakaria is incredibly eloquent. But you’ll have to watch his appearances on The Daily Show to see his humor.

  • Britain’s Telegraph featured an article on the “110 Best Books.” I’ve read about 35 and parts of several others. More than anything, this list reminds me how many core books I haven’t read (e.g., War and Peace, Madame Bovary, 1984). Can I really call myself a reader? How many make your list?

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notaconnoisseur said...

Please be sure to DVR The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I was not crazy about the book but am curious about the film adaptation. This was one of the books I read because "everyone" was reading it. I discovered that I must be slightly different from everyone who loved it.