Friday, July 18, 2008


Several months ago, I heard Gail Carson Levine read a chapter from her new book Ever. Naturally, I had to read the book for myself.

Ever takes place in a fantasy land that has the feel of an ancient Middle Eastern country. The book’s heroine is Kezi, a teenager who lives with her parents and is excited to start her new life as she approaches marriageable age.

Meanwhile, Olus, the god of winds, is bored with his life among the gods. He leaves home to experience life as a human and becomes a shepherd for Kezi’s father. From a distance, he grows to care for the girl.

Their lives are thrown into confusion when Kezi is unexpectedly condemned to death. She only has a month to live, and Olus cannot resist coming to her rescue. The two join forces and run away together in an attempt to overcome the death sentence.

Like all Gail Carson Levine books, Ever is sweet and completely inoffensive. Kezi and Olus are appealing characters, and I wanted nothing more than for the two to fall in love—even though they are only teenagers.

I was turned off by Kezi’s treatment of a family she supposedly loves so much. She only has a few weeks to live, and instead of spending that time with her beloved parents, she runs off with Olus. The lack of concern she shows for her family at this moment, and several others, makes me almost dislike the character.

Then again, this is a young adult novel, and maybe I would have been equally as inconsiderate to my parents as a teen, especially if I’d met a hot young god.

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