Thursday, September 6, 2007

Janet Cox

I’ve been a little harsh lately in my reviews. I sound like a book-snob-know-it-all who doesn’t know how to pleasure read.

This assertion is partially true. I’ve discovered the older (and more educated) I get, the less tolerance I have for poor writing. On the other hand, I’ve read—and enjoyed—more popular fiction than I’m comfortable admitting.

In fact, as I was creating by Goodreads account, I remembered two books with very little literary value that I absolutely love: Summergreen and Valley of Fire by Janet Cox.

I read these two books as a teenager, and they were just what my romantic heart needed.

Summergreen takes place in an early Utah pioneer settlement. (Janet Cox’s books are similar to Janette Oke’s series with Christian, Western pioneers). In the book, Anna—despite opposition—falls desperately in love with her choir director, Mark.

As a confession, I am not exactly the ideal romance reader. Instead of wishing for the heroine to fall in love with the dreamy hero, I always want her to fall in love with the underdog—with the boy who has been pining for her forever. I want that love, that persistence, that loyalty to be rewarded. (This might also be a commentary on my own love life—or lack thereof.)

As such, I have no desire for Anna to fall in love with Mark. She needs to fall in love with Peter who has loved her forever. I will never get over her betrayal.

I am much more satisfied with Valley of Fire. In fact, I only like Summergreen, but I love Valley of Fire. Delores, a spoiled rich girl, moves to southern Utah and meets her match with Jonas. Jonas is tall, dark, and handsome. My total dreamboat.

Like I said, these books are far from classics. But they satisfy the romantic inside me. In fact, I’ve got to rummage through my books to find a copy of Valley of Fire so I can read it one more time.


Wanna-Be Lit said...

Did you find your copy before leaving?

Blogger said...

It is actually on my bookshelves. I pulled it out but decided not to bring it to Paris. I may regret that decision.

notaconnoisseur said...

Remind me to read it in December.