Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guest Blog--Unsatisfied in many more ways than one

I had just closed Startled By His Furry Shorts and felt anxiety spread over me. "How am I ever going to handle waiting until July 3rd for the next book to come out? This is going to kill me!!" Luckily I lived until July 3rd and quickly purchased the next in The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series. I had used my special skills to charm my mother into buying me Love is a Many Trousered Thing at the local Barnes & Noble in La Jolla, CA. I had to call my sister while my mom was paying at the register - I couldn't keep my excitement in. When I got home, I opened Trousered and dove right in. Within a few hours, I was done and feeling like I was still dangling but not in the usual excited way that I had been after reading Louise Rennison's previous novels. I felt completely unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong - I always love a dose of Georgia Nicolson - but this particular novel just felt like so much was said but nothing meaningful came out of it. None of Georgia's dilemmas have really been solved and I don't know which Sex God she and I truly love. Sigh! I guess I better wait the many more months for Georgia's next installment. I hope I can live until then - but as of right now, just like a Magic 8 Ball may say, the "Outlook not so good."


notaconnoisseur said...

I loved your review. You are so enthusiastic it is hard not to pick up the first book and start reading. However, I can think of a few things to keep you busy until the next book comes out. Such as study for the GMAT, paint, install ceiling fans. :)

Wanna-Be Lit said...

I love the guest review. I can't wait until you write another review. (Which hopefully will be before the next Georgia Nicholson novel.)