Monday, June 25, 2007

"To Read" Pile, Part I

I consider myself a clean and organized person. However, I’ve recently developed a nasty little habit: making piles. More specifically, I have piles and piles of books “to read.” Not only do I have dozens of books on a to read list, neatly organized on my computer, but I have to read piles that stare at me, making me feel guilty that I have yet to find the interest or time to pick them up.

Last night, I counted 28 books in my to read piles—and this number does not include the dozens of to read books I’ve placed on shelves or boxed away. The following is a list of some of the books in my to read piles:
  • Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You: I am working on a paper about genocide literature for young adults. This is a biographical narrative about a girl who escaped the Rwandan genocide. So far, I’ve read the preface.
  • Smiling for Strangers: Another book for my paper. I can’t even remember what it’s about. That might be a sign I have too many books to choose from.
  • Zlata’s Diary: Zlata’s diary (I guess I’m being repetitive) was written during the Bosnian genocide.
  • Children of the River: This is a book about the Cambodian genocide. However, it was written by a woman in Oregon, so I question its authenticity.
  • The Clay Marble: I borrowed this book, another on the Khmer Rouge, through interlibrary loan, so it can't languish long in my pile.
  • Daniel Half Human: And the Good Nazi: This Jewish Holocaust narrative won the Mildred L. Batchelder Award.
  • Run, Boy, Run: This Jewish Holocaust narrative won the Mildred L. Batchelder Award. And, yes, I did mean to write that twice.
  • My Palace of Leaves in Sarajevo: I’ve narrowed down my topic, and this book may not make the cut. Is it wrong I feel guilty I might never read it?
  • Girl of Kosovo: Another book I might not get to. My heart is breaking.
  • Adem’s Cross: Sorry, Adem, I do worry about your cross, but you may not make the cut.
  • The Principles of Love: I asked for this book for my birthday. I've read the first few chapters but have yet to “get into” it.
  • "My Ox is Broken!": My sister gave me this book for my birthday. I’ve read—and enjoyed—a few essays about my favorite reality television show, The Amazing Race, but I have yet to read it from cover-to-cover.
  • Homestead: I think one of my mother’s friends recommended this book. In fact, I think the book belongs to my mother. Maybe I should return it to her?
  • Twilight: This book (and its sequel New Moon) has been a must read at the library. I’ve leant out my copy to friends to read, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Now that I’ve finished Ties the Knot, which “to read” book will I choose? Unfortunately, time will make the choice for me. Because the paper’s deadline is looming over me, Over a Thousand Hills gets to leave the pile . . .

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Lisa said...

I can't wait to read the reviews of these books. Tell me which ones are worth adding to my pile. I just started "1776." Wish me luck.